JHipster Conf 2 will take place in Paris, France on June 27th, 2019

The conference will have one English track and one French track

JHipster Conf 2 is the first conference on JHipster, the most widely-used Java application generator in the world.

This conference will gather the main JHipster developers, who will present technical sessions on the parts they have each developed.

We will also have sessions on Open Source and the usage of JHipster in startups and big companies.

This conference is organized by Ippon Technologies. Please note that we don't aim to make any money from the conference, and any benefits will be donated to the JHipster Open Collective.

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Did you miss last year's JHipster Conf 1?

Here is last year's website with the agenda and speakers and
here is the YouTube playlist of all recorded sessions.

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Agenda - track 1 (English)

08:30 - 09:00 Welcome and registration Go past the sponsors' booths to reach the breakfast area.
09:00 - 09:40 Keynote
Latest news on the project and roadmap
Julien Dubois
JHipster project lead
Deepu K Sasidharan
JHipster project co-lead,
09:45 - 10:30 A JHipster story: The impact of collaboration
Building upon the medium story: https://medium.com/@ernesto_31246/a-thank-you-letter-to-the-jhipster-team-7397ad8a09fb and following up on recent events, we want to tell how an open-source collaborative project like JHipster have started a positive chain of events for us and has touched people around us deeply. Additionally, we want to share how thanks to JHipster our learning and building processes have been boosted which has allowed us to be more creative as product owners and deliver on time projects with high quality for a lower cost.
Cindy Marin
Co-founder and Web Developer at Catwizard
10:35 - 11:20 TO BE ANNOUNCED
Pia Mancini
Cofounder Open Collective @opencollect | @democracyearth | @democracyOS @partidodelared | YCW15 | http://go.ted.com/gnL | Par de una sociedad en red | Sustainer
11:25 - 12:10 TO BE ANNOUNCED
Josh Long
Developer Advocate at Pivotal
12:10 - 13:40 Lunch Go past the sponsors' booths to reach the lunch area
13:40 - 14:25 What the Heck Are OAuth and OIDC?
OAuth is not an API or a service: it is an open standard for authorization and any developer can implement it. OAuth is a standard that applications can use to provide client applications with “secure delegated access”. OAuth works over HTTPS and authorizes devices, APIs, servers, and applications with access tokens rather than credentials, which we will go over in depth below. OpenID Connect (OIDC) is built on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. It allows clients to verify the identity of the user and to obtain their basic profile information. This session covers how OAuth 2.0 and OIDC work, when to use them, and frameworks/services that simplify authentication.
Matt Raible
Java Champion and Developer Advocate at Okta,
JHipster Core team member
14:30 - 15:15 JHipster Beyond CRUD - API-First for Enterprises
Intesys has been using JHipster for more than two years as the core component of its API-First enterprise backend services. We will show you how to combine the benefits of the JHipster CRUD stack along with the OpenAPI-generated endpoints, seamlessy integrating JHipster with custom single page applications, mobile apps and legacy microservices. We will also share some best practices regarding the evolution of JHipster projects used in production, how to find the extension points and how to take advantage of modules and blueprints.
Enrico Costanzi
Developer at Intesys
15:20 - 16:05 Kotlin Hipster and Blueprints
Kotlin with its sweet syntax makes it easy to write JVM-based applications. Come let us take a deep dive into the world of Kotlin-based JHipster and sneak peek into blueprints. Blueprints are the natural evolution of the JHipster projects. This talk will focus on How to create, maintain, and contribute to the JHipster ecosystem via the blueprints.
Sendil Kumar
Developer at Xebialabs,
JHipster Core team member,
Webpack team member
16:05 - 16:35 Break Go past the sponsors' booths to reach the coffee + "petits fours" area
16:35 - 17:20 JHipster side-by-side in practice
As presented in the very first JHipster Conf in 2018, a good way to keep JHipster generated applications able to upgrade is a technique called side-by-side. Instead of rewriting generated code, the developer can just use some tricks to extend these and do all the custom code in separated components. While the first talk was giving a brief introduction into this coding style, this talk will focus on some details. In particular:
- how to extend the spring code, like POJOs, services, repositories and rest-controllers
- how to do angular side-by-side in different levels of extension
This talk will be highly practical with a main focus on live coding.
David Steiman
Web + cloud application developer at K-TEL Communications GmbH,
JHipster Core team member
17:25 - 18:10 Extending JHipster with Spring Cloud Kubernetes
After working at Activiti Cloud for a year and a half, we have learnt some valuable lessons around K8s and how Spring Cloud can help us to get there easily. During this session we will be looking at how to extend your JHipster Microservices to not only run inside K8s but also how to leverage and extend the infrastructure.
Mauricio Salatino
Activiti and Activiti Cloud BPM Tech Leader. BPM, Rules, Decision Management, Case Management & Business Automation.
18:15 - 19:00 JHipster in a Mobile World: From Generation to the App Store
With new and improved generators for Ionic and React Native, along with Progressive Web App support, JHipster can help kickstart your mobile applications. In this talk, I will cover the mobile generators that JHipster supports, including pros/cons of each, and comparisons with JHipster's Angular/React clients. I will then demonstrate how to generate a React Native app for your existing JHipster backend, generate several entities, and deploy to the App Store.
Jon Ruddell
SportsBooth Cofounder,
JHipster Core team member

Agenda - track 2 (French)

08:30 - 09:30 Bienvenue et enregistrement Passez devant la zone des sponsors pour aller prendre votre petit-déjeuner.
09:00 - 09:40 Keynote
Dernières nouvelles du projet et retours d'expérience clients
Julien Dubois
JHipster project lead

Pascal Grimaud
JHipster core team member,
Ippon Technologies
09:45 - 10:30 TO BE ANNOUNCED
10:35 - 11:20 TO BE ANNOUNCED
11:25 - 12:10 TO BE ANNOUNCED
12:10 - 13:40 Lunch Passez devant la zone des sponsors pour aller prendre votre repas
13:40 - 14:25 TO BE ANNOUNCED
14:30 - 15:15 TO BE ANNOUNCED
15:20 - 16:05 TO BE ANNOUNCED
16:05 - 16:35 Break Passez devant la zone des sponsors pour aller prendre le café et les petits fours
16:35 - 17:20 TO BE ANNOUNCED
17:25 - 18:10 TO BE ANNOUNCED
18:15 - 19:00 TO BE ANNOUNCED

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Buy tickets now - early bird price is at 80 Euros!